Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Is Muscle Soreness Good?

DOMS are the pain you feel in your muscles after strenuous activity. Many people like to gauge the effectiveness of their workouts by the intensity of the DOMS they experience in the following days.
DOMS are believed to be the result of micro tears in the muscle fibres. The eccentric contractions of the muscles (the negative phase, or the lowering of the weight during the exercise) is more responsible for DOMS than the concentric (positive phase, or lifting of the weight during the exercise). DOMS also result from more 'time under tension', or longer durations of exercise, or slower tempo in exercising. DOMS can also result from exercises that you just are not used to; so the good news is that as you 'grease the groove' and become more proficient by practising a movement pattern more often - the less DOMS you will experience.Is it good to have DOMS? Some people believe that muscle soreness is an indication of the effectiveness of their workout, and do not believe they've had a productive workout unless they ache the next day."I had such an awesome workout last week, I could barely move for days!" is something I hear, and I cringe every time I hear it. I want to ask that person if they are stronger, fitter, faster... BETTER in any way, as a result of them aching for days. Just because a workout leaves you in pieces, doesn't mean it has been effective. The test of whether your workouts are effective are by measuring if you are progressing towards your goals as a result of your workouts. Any idiot can design a tough workout that will leave you in pieces for days. I have been on the receiving end of such workouts and all they do is set me back. Do 100 burpees, then sprint 100 meters, then 100 sit ups and repeat constantly for 90 minutes. That will destroy you, but it certain won't progress you. Your workout should always GIVE more than it TAKES. This is why people employ personal trainers or coaches; so that they can reach their goals effectively, instead of just hammering your body every week and getting nowhere as a result.

Establish a method of testing the effectiveness of your workout. If strength is your goal; are you getting stronger? If fat-loss is your goal; are you getting leaner? Just because you're experiencing a great deal of muscle soreness DOESN'T mean you're getting closer to your goals.


Personal coaching can help you achieve the results you desire, as well as giving you the necessary effective tools you need to keep striving forwards, to keep changing and progressing on your journey.

Challenge everything, especially yourself.


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