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My training philosophy and concept is quite literally: Simplicity. I do not believe in complicating things for the sake of it, or to keep up with the latest fad. Use the simplest methods to attain the maximum results possible.

The 2nd rule is intensity. Too many people fail in their fitness endeavours due to a lack of intensity. Do not worry about the amount of weight you are lifting or the distance you are running (unless of course they are specific to your goals), worry about the amount of effort you are putting into your workout.

The 3rd rule is diet. If you want your body to change - more muscle, less fat, different size, different shape, etc… you must eat correctly. There is a saying: “Garbage in, garbage out”, and you must remember this when fuelling your body for exercise. If you want to train effectively and have your body respond efficiently, you have to eat the right foods in the right quantities with the right frequency. If you do not, you will set yourself up to fail.

The 4th rule is training correctly. This means doing the correct type of training for your goals, as well as training correctly – ie: form. Too many people do the wrong type of training and that is why they do not see results. Others are too worried about advancing quickly and they let their form suffer, and as a result do not get the full benefit of the exercise (as well as run the risk of injury).

Lastly, but by no means any less important, is rest. Without effective rest we will burn out our bodies and fail in our endeavours. You have to allow the body sufficient time to recover between workouts, as well as a good regular sleeping pattern, and avoiding stresses where possible.

Welcome to 2009

Welcome to BODYQUEST in 2009! I have started this blog to share my views on health & fitness, and I welcome any questions or comments. I hope that I will be able to dispel some of the myths, as well as encourage people to lead healthier lives.

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