Monday, 19 August 2013

Do you really want to lose weight?

 Recently I had a conversation with someone that struck a cord with me. It's not a new topic. It has been done to death. However; it still seems to be unresolved - weight loss.

It seems there are still people whose main focus is to LOSE WEIGHT. Their goal, and happiness, is forever tied to the number on the scale.

 When I have questioned people about their weight loss goal, the real reason always boils down to the same thing. They are seeking to become more attractive; which is fine to have as a goal. We all want to look better. However the problem is people are confusing attractiveness with with their relationship to gravity. By merely losing weight, you become lighter, the numbers on the scale go down, but do you really look any better for it? Probably not - because you are using the wrong tool to measure progress towards your goal. You become a slightly smaller version of yourself, but look no better for it.

If your goal is to LOOK more attractive towards others, use the same means of gauging attractiveness as they do - HOW YOU LOOK. They don't stand you on a scale to determine how attractive you are, so why are you doing it? Throw out the scale and get a full length mirror instead.

Want just to weigh less? Eat less.

Want to look better? Train better & eat better.

If you need help on how to do this, get in touch. Personal training can help you achieve the results you desire, as well as giving you the necessary effective tools you need to keep striving forwards, to keep changing & progressing on your journey.

Challenge everything, especially yourself.

Alex Kay Grimmer

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