Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A few home truths

So many people are getting sucked into believing utter nonsense about exercise, nutrition & health. Not only are people always looking for an easy short cut to strength, health & fitness, but I see so many trainers making things worse by wasting clients time with exercises that, at best lead nowhere, or at worst are dangerous. Then when their clients don't see results it is blamed on hormone regulation, stressed out organs or some other intangible no-fault-of-the-trainer-or-the-client reason.

Come on people! Do I really have to point out to you that the people who are seeing results are the ones who are consistent with good nutritional habits, and exercise with intensity. I see so many people "training" and they NEVER break a sweat! Well here's a newsflash, you will NEVER get results. It's that simple. Don't go blaming your hormones, your metabolism, your organs or your glands if you are not putting in the effort.

I do believe that hormone regulation to achieve better results is a fact - but that is for athletes looking to make a small amount of difference to their ALREADY fit, strong & healthy bodies.

If you want to see change in your body, sort your nutrition out first. Don't get sucked into nonsense like blood type dieting, metabolic typing or anything else. Good nutrition is not complicated so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You can fine tune it like anything else, but the basics are the basics, so start there and be consistent.

When it comes to exercise, push yourselves! So many people go to the gym for years and never see results. Why? Because they just don't the effort in. They don't put the effort in to sorting out poor nutritional habits and they don't put the effort in when they exercise. Keep good form above all else, but lift heavy and pick up the pace! A good trainer will understand how to put exercises together so that your body can cope throughout the entire session, and not have you collapsed in a heap gasping for air after 5 minutes. Going hell for leather without an intelligent structure doesn't do you any good either.

If you need direction with nutrition & exercise, employ a personal trainer. But remember 2 things:
1 - make sure they know their stuff
2 - make sure you follow their advice
If the trainer can't tell you why you are doing something, or what you should expect from it, they aren't worth your time or money. If you don't follow their advice, then you're wasting your own money and time. The personal trainer is not a magician. The PT will guide you, but actually putting the effort in and making the changes is still down to you.

Get training! Challenge everything, especially yourselves.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bad advice

I had a client in one of my classes the other day say something strange, and I had to comment on it. She had been told by her masseuse NOT to lift heavy weights, the suggestion being that she was now too tight in her muscles as a result... Unfortunately now I have to re-educate her that lifting heavy is actually a good thing! Of course always make sure you warm up before a work out, and you can cool down with stretches afterwards, and if you are STILL feeling tight - go to a masseuse! By let them just do their job, not mine (I am a qualified masseuse, so I am happy to do their job though!).

There are always people out there that will give bad advice. So question everything; even what I tell you! Challenge it, research it, experience it - decide for yourself if it is good advice. By telling someone they shouldn't lift heavy, good form allowing, is ridiculous. If you do not want to challenge yourself, get back on the sofa and stay away from the gym.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Changes to studio class timetable

The new schedule for the Kettlebell & Bodyweight studio classes is as follows:

Tuesdays 7pm
Chase Sports & Fitness (opposite Southend Hospital)
250 Prittlewell Chase
ss0 0pr

Thursdays 7pm
Iron Den Studio (see www.idpt.co.uk for a map)
Unit 37
Laurence Industrial Estate
Eastwoodbury Lane
ss2 6rh

Prices are £6 for the Chase, and £8 for Iron Den

Spaces are limited to 16 at the Chase and 10 at Iron Den
Please book in advance to avoid disappointment!

A Saturday morning class may be introduced soon if there is enough interest.

Challenge everything, Especially yourselves