Monday, 24 May 2010

Bodypower Expo 2010

Yesterday I went up to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham for the Bodypower Expo, and what an incredible day it was! I have to start off by saying the highlight for me was meeting Steve Cotter, one of the world's top kettlebell instructors! Seeing him in person, and watching his incredible single leg piston jumps UP & DOWN off of two tractor tires on top of each other... phenomenal.

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in some of the lifting events staged at the kettlebell arena, everything from flipping a 280kg tire several times, to working out on the 3-inch thick ropes, overhead snatches, windmills and single one-arm overhead squats with the barbells.. a fantastic experience. Jerking the Thomas Inch Dumbbell was just a little too much me! But next time fellas...

Myself and one of my clients were lucky enough to get some instruction by CJ Swaby on just the basic kettlebell moves - swings, one arm swings, cleans & presses - but those details make all the difference and CJ has such a keen eye for detail, a motivating and helpful demenour, and then the ability to coach effectively.. again, I am humbled and feel privileged by it all.

I joined in for the 2 Hands Anyhow lift, not knowing it was a competition or else I would have kept going! But what I did put me in the lead with weight lifted and reps, and was honoured when Steve Cotter himself presented me with a kettlebell for my efforts.

The last lifting of the day was the girevoy sport challenge, again, a humbling experience, but has left me with renewed vigour to hit the gym and train hard!

Meeting Mark Felix was awesome as well, to say the least! That man has hands like shovels...

I am already looking forward to attending a course this coming weekend, led by CJ Swaby! I am also looking forward to becoming more involved with the IKFF organisation, and I would highly recommend them to all who are interested in kettlebells!