Sunday, 28 March 2010

MMA Strength & Conditioning

If you are looking for the best form of strength & conditioning for MMA, and are not yet training in kettlebells with a skilled instructor, you are driving with the handbrake on! Most forms of training, including some sport-specific programs, lack the training to give you the mental focus required to be at the top of your game. Other forms of training are seriously struggling to keep up with kettlebells for conditioning the body for extreme deceleration. Dynamic loading of the hip muscles for powerful contractions is fundamental for athletic ability, and kettlebells are miles ahead in this respect. Kettlebell movements build deep neuro-muscular foundations for athletic strength & power with forced acceleration and deceleration, abdominal pressurization, multi-planar muscle movements and hand eye coordination. The extreme body awareness created through repeated tension and relaxation, concentration on proper breathing techniques, and mental focus often draws parallels with martial arts or yoga training. Kettlebell training will teach you the fundamentals of strength training whilst delivering brutal conditioning. You will develop all-purpose strength to easily handle the toughest and most unexpected demands. You will maximise your staying power because the last round will decide the winner, and you will forge yourself a fighters physique, because the form must follow the function. What are you waiting for? Start swinging!

Challenge everything, especially yourself.