Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Kettlebell Pentathlon

Kettlebell Pentathlon is a relatively new kettlebell sport. It is the brain-child of Valery Fedorenko, who came up with it so that everyone can compete. Girevoy Sport, because of it's 10 minute sets remaining a tad elitist. There's a ton of information on the Pentathlon via Google, so I will attempt to sum it up as briefly as I can.

There are 5 lifts to do, each working set is 6 minutes with a 5 minute rest between sets. The lifts are as follows:

1 - Clean
2 - Clean & Press
3 - Jerk
4 - Half-snatch
5 - Push-press

Unlike Girevoy, only 1 kettlebel is used for both men & women. You may change hands as many times as you like during the 6 minute sets. You may not set the bell down.

There is a maximum number of repetitions for each lift. Any reps done over and above the maximum do not count. If you achieve the maximum reps you will be expected to use a heavier bell next time. The maximum reps are as follows:

1 - Clean - 120 reps
2 - Clean & Press - 60 reps
3 - Jerk -  120 reps
4 - Half-snatch - 108 reps
5 - Push-press - 120 reps

Each size kettlebell has a quotient score, which you use to multiply you rep score to get your final score for each lift. The quotients are as follows:

8kg = 1.0x
12kg = 1.5x
16kg = 2.0x
20kg = 2.5x
24kg = 3.0x
28kg = 3.5x
32kg = 4.0x

I understand the quotients continue (0.5 increase for each 4kg increase) up to 72kg. If you're a mutant.

You may use different size bells for different lifts.

The final scoring is categorised as follows:


Less than 360 - Low
361-540 - Average
541-720 - Good
721 - 900 High
901-1080 Extreme
More than 1081 Superhuman


Less than 720 - Low
721-900 - Average
901-1080 - Good
1081-1260 - High
1261-1440 Extreme
More than 1441 Superhuman

The thing to bear in mind, is if a man used a 16kg for all the lifts, and hit the maximum reps allowed, his score would be 1,056 - which would only place him in the 'Good' category. To get high numbers, you have to lift heavier.

So what are you waiting for?? Give it a go! It is not as demanding as Girevoy Sport, so it opens the doors for kettlebell lifters to have a go at competing - even if it is just for yourself.

Challenge everything, especially yourself.

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